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In this months Communication I briefly touched on a petition drive from the DNALC.  Please view the below message and
seriously consider signing the petition.

In Solidarity,

Michael Orvosh
USW Local 12934


To All:

Thus far, we have generated 625 signatures on our DowDuPont North American Labor Council (DowDuPont-Don’t Spin Off
Worker Rights) Petition.

The global and North American breakdown is as follows:

Total Signatures                                                                               625

·         Petition Language Used
o   English                                                                                                  574
o   Spanish                                                                                                  51
o   German                                                                                                   0
o   Portuguese                                                                                            0
·         Countries of Petition Origin
o   United States                                                                                    557
o   Argentina                                                                                              49
o   United Kingdom                                                                                   9
o   Canada                                                                                                     2
o   Switzerland                                                                                            2
o   Germany                                                                                                 2
o   Mexico                                                                                                     1
o   Philippines                                                                                              1
o   Peru                                                                                                         1
o   Rwanda                                                                                                    1
·         U.S. State of Petition Origin
o   Alabama                                                                                                  4
o   Arkansas                                                                                                  4
o   California                                                                                                 5
o   Colorado                                                                                                  1
o   Connecticut                                                                                            2
o   Delaware                                                                                                 1
o   Florida                                                                                                     5
o   Hawaii                                                                                                       1
o   Idaho                                                                                                        3
o   Illinois                                                                                                     10
o   Indiana                                                                                                   18
o   Iowa                                                                                                          3
o   Kentucky                                                                                               30
o   Louisiana                                                                                                 2
o   Maryland                                                                                                 3
o   Michigan                                                                                              176
o   Minnesota                                                                                            24
o   Mississippi                                                                                              1
o   Missouri                                                                                                   3
o   Nebraska                                                                                                 1
o   Nevada                                                                                                    2
o   New Jersey                                                                                            1
o   New York                                                                                                5
o   North Carolina                                                                                       3
o   North Dakota                                                                                         5
o   Ohio                                                                                                        21
o   Oklahoma                                                                                               4
o   Pennsylvania                                                                                       49
o   South Carolina                                                                                       2
o   Tennessee                                                                                            22
o   Texas                                                                                                    134
o   Washington                                                                                            1
o   West Virginia                                                                                         1
o   Wisconsin                                                                                                9
o   Wyoming                                                                                                 1

We are about one month into our petition drive and we are looking to close the petition at the end of August.  Our intention is
to deliver printed petitions to Jim Fitterling, DowDuPont CEO sometime in September.  We are indeed hoping for many, many
more signatures from around the globe, especially in cities/countries in which DowDuPont is located.

As mentioned before, we are hoping that everyone can do their part in sharing the link and information in any manner
possible to get co-workers, members, family, friends and community to sign.

Jim Fitterling, DowDuPont CEO (along with the corporation) is well aware of our petition drive.  It would be great to be able to
present thousands of signatures to him come September.

Please use this link:  
http://usw.to/dowdupontpetition which gets you to the online petition which is in 4 different languages.

The DowDuPont North American Labor Council appreciates any and all support from within North America and around the
world from all of our partners in labor.

I will continue to provide monthly updates.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

In solidarity,

Kent Holsing

Chairperson-DowDuPont North American Labor Council